Software Developer and Webmaster at Scientific Publishing Center, King Abdulaziz University

•Designed, coded, tested, and maintained software applications. •Managed website development and maintenance. •Provided IT support and ensured data security.


Web system developer and designer at Advanced Tasmim for Information Systems

• Built web applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. • Developed server-side code in C#. • Created APIs and optimized performance


Software Engineer at Motabei For Electronic Systems

• Developed front-end features with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. • Created server-side logic and maintained databases. • Conducted full-stack development, unit testing, and debugging.


Senior Software Engineer at King Abdulaziz University Hospital

• Developed and maintained software using ASP.NET Core MVC and MSSQL. • Created APIs and optimized performance. • Optimized database schemas and queries. • Led and mentored junior developers. • Managed projects, ensuring timely delivery. • Improved system performance and ensured security compliance. • Integrated applications with third-party services. • Created and maintained technical documentation.